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The Shchecin Maritime Academy in Poland is a state university that highly rated in the ranking of maritime Academies in Europe.

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The Shchecin Academy in Poland is a high level of education, paid practice and a guarantee of employment!



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Терехова Наталья, юрист “ТерАсса”

The company “TerAssa” is a consulting and law company that deals with European education and provides assistance to Ukrainian citizens in entering universities in Poland, without leaving Ukraine.

We are official representatives of the Shchecin Maritime Academy in Ukraine and help everyone to enter this university.

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Why should you enter exactly the Shchecin Maritime Academy in Poland?

  • EUROPEAN DIPLOMA — opens up new opportunities and prospects for you! These are higher salaries, a faster career, it is much easier to get employed on the newest and most modern vessels with better working conditions!


  • NO Entrance Exams and ZNO — you do not need to pass any entrance exams for admission. It is only important to have a certificate of general secondary education (or a bachelor’s diploma for admission to ll degree – magistracy).


  • Well paid PRACTICE — after the first and second year, the student has the opportunity to go on practice as cadet . On the 3rd and 4th courses, students go on a voyage to practice for 6 months. Salary is usually 700 USD / month . It is enough to recoup the education and partly life.


  • EMPLOYMENT — moreover, the Academy has its own personnel department, which cooperates with shipowners of all the most developed Baltic Sea countries. The Shchecin Maritime Academy promotes the allocation of all its students to paid practice. Also, the Maritime Academy of Shchecin helps external students and their graduates.


  • CAREER — as a rule on the first voyage as a cadet, if a student shows himself well – the shipowner concludes a contract on further employment with the cadet. Shipowners are interested in growing cadets in such elite Academies as the Shchecin Maritime Academy . They striv to make one cohesive, friendly team that knows their ship well.


  • PERSPECTIVE — graduates of the Shchzecin Maritime Academy are easily employed by shipowners in developed countries of the world with the high salaries. For example, to shipowners of one of the most highly paid countries – Norway, it is quite possible to find a job, being a graduate of the Shchecin Academy and having a European diploma, where the salary of the captain is about 15,000 cu / month, while the vacation is paid (in fact, being half a year at sea and half a year on land, the salary is for all 12 months of the year, 180,000 cu / year).


  • CORRESPONDENCE FORM OF TRAINING — with the correspondence form of study, students can work. You can do it in 2 months after entering. In this case, the main criterion is the practice. More practice is better.


  • LLOYDOV CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY — The Maritime Academy in Shchecin is one of the first maritime organizations that introduced a quality management system according with the ISO 9001 series standard, and also received a certificate of conformity training that complies with the requirements of PDNV Convention 1978/1995 issued by the Lloyd Maritime Center of the Register Shipping.


  • SCIENTIFIC BASE — a large number of different, most modern trainers and laboratories, where students regularly train, fixing the theoretical part of the practice. Over the past 10 years, the European Union has financed about 18 million euros to the Shchecin Maritime Academy. As a result, students are graduated by highly qualified specialists and know the latest trends and they are able to work on the newest courts. That is why they are so much in demand among shipowners of the same Norway, Sweden, Denmark.


  • DELAY FROM THE ARMY — being a student of the Shchecin Maritime Academy, you are exempted from military service for the duration of your studies. Also, during the training there is an opportunity to obtain a residence permit (and in the future, citizenship).


  • PRESTIGE — The Shchecin Maritime Academy is a public institution of higher education. It takes place among the ten largest maritime academies of the European Union, and it is also the largest maritime academy in Poland. The Maritime Academy in Shchecin occupies the leading places among all Polish universities in terms of social care for its students.


  • EDUCATION LEVEL — at the Shchecin Marine Academy the level of education is very high and meets all international standards. Evidence of this is the presence of a certificate issued by the Lloyd’s Maritime Center of the Register of Shipping.


  • HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS — The faculty consists of 25 professors, 24 doctors of science, about 100 candidates for the doctor of science, most of them have maritime diplomas of sea captains and senior officers of mechanics.


  • TERRITORIAL LOCATION — The Shchecin Maritime Academy is located in the west of Poland, in the city of Szczecin, on the border with Germany. Poland is a part of the European Union. Poland is located on the Baltic Sea coast, it has access to other European countries, such as: Germany, France, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, etc. All these countries have developed economies and high living standards. Each of these countries have their own fleet. And Poland cooperats with all these countries, and their shipowners with great pleasure employ students of the Shchecin Maritime Academy.


  • OWN FLEET — Poland, unlike Ukraine, has its own fleet, as a result graduates of the Szczecin Marine Academy have no problems with employment and practice.


  • OWN MODERN SHIP — The Maritime Academy of Szczecin has its own research and training vessel Navigator XXI, on which cadets practice. The ship conducts scientific studies on the hydrology of the marine environment, the level of water pollution, navigation accuracy, and engineering of marine traffic. Equipped with modern systems, mechanisms and radio navigation devices, the vessel has been providing navigation safety during the Unity Line regattas for 8 years already.


  • LABORATORY BASE — a high level of training at the Maritime Academy is provided by a modern laboratory base, which has 30 laboratories at the navigational and ship-mechanical faculties, including a floating measurement and hydrographic laboratory and a Planetarium, simulators (radar and navigation NMS-90 and QR-303, VTS) , as well as the Center for Engineering Marine Movement.


  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ACTIVITIES — – the Academy’s research activities, which influence the development of the Marine Economy, are of great importance. Works are performed on the order of shipowners of the marine and fishing fleet, the Ministry of the Navy and government organizations. Many of these works are already being used in practice, ensuring an increase in the economic efficiency of port and fleet operations. To support this activity, the Maritime Academy in Szczecin has a modern, constantly growing library. It serves to provide textbooks and teaching aids for cadets, students and employees of the Academy, to quickly obtain foreign literature, articles and collections of scientific information (local and foreign). The library is connected to the local computer network of Szczecin, serves as a regional maritime library, has an electronic catalog accessible via the Internet.


  • DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT — An important object is the development management of the Maritime Academy, whose main goal is to organize the development of scientific personnel, expanding the material and didactic base. In addition, the Department organizes and finances the cultural and sports life of the Academy, promotes the achievements of the Academy in the country and abroad, finds sponsors, organizes conferences, exhibitions and demonstrations of the latest technologies related to the marine industry.


  • SCHOLARSHIPS — with good academic performance, the Shchecin Maritime Academy pays the student about 200-250 euros. Also, there are 2 types of scholarships: social and sports.


  • KNOWLEDGE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES — graduates of the Shchecin Marine Academy master English, as well as one or several (depending on the student’s ambitions and aspirations) additional languages. For example, many Poles learn German with the prospects of employment in Germany.


  • QUALIFICATIONS — for those who wish to obtain additional qualifications necessary for work on the ship, as well as maritime diplomas,here are special courses and training are offered at the faculty of advanced training for officer personnel and at the marine rescue training center, which end up with certificates recognized worldwide.


  • CAREER — Graduates of the Academy a reliable career path. The first job during the training is a profit of 700 euros / month. Graduates of the Shchecin Maritime Academy, having a diploma of an officer of the European sample, by the age of 24 have a salary of about 3,000 euros / month. Already at the age of less than 30 years, graduates can get a diploma of a sea captain or a senior mechanic officer and a salary of 5,000 euros / month! And then – a quick career growth!


  • WORK ON LAND — students who want to work on land can find work at the enterprises of the maritime industry and mechanical engineering. Specialists of technical supervision and diagnostics, repair of machines, engineers of research laboratories and institutes, specialists in environmental protection at various levels of government, insurance specialists, logistics, specialists in rebar companies, experts in shipyards and ports, in technical supervision institutions are highly valued.


  • CITIZENSHIP IN EUROPE — the prospect of obtaining a residence permit (during training), graduating from a university – to receive a European diploma, and, as a result, to obtain citizenship in Poland.

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What they say about studying in Poland:


What our students say:

Vlad-Zierov I was very inspired by the prospects of living and studying in the country of the European Union, and also inspired by the fact that after graduation I can get a diploma that is quoted by many shipowners and that can provide me with work. I understand that it will not be easy, due to studying in Polish. However, as it turned out this language was nor difficult . I think I will get it all.

Zierov Vladislav,

Konstantinov-Ivan It is very interesting that the Shchecin Marine Academy has its own training vessel for practical training, and it is also equipped with modern laboratories, there is a very high level of teaching staff and much more interesting!

Konstantinov Ivan,


All feedbacks from our students:
Parent reviews:

Distance learning is an opportunity to learn and earn money at the same time.

By entering the Shchecin Maritime Academy for an extramural course of studying students can go and work only in 2 months.

In this case, the main criterion here is practice. More practice is better.

In the form of correspondence, the beginning of classes – February 1. The first 2 months is the theoretical part in the academy, and from April, students go to work.

The Shchecin Maritime Academy has its own personnel department, which cooperates with the shipowners of all the Baltic Sea countries and actively helps to find jobs as part-time students and their graduates.

In absentia, students have the opportunity to spend most of their time at sea, working on European courts with good conditions and earning 1,000 euros / month.

Very interesting is the possibility of admission to the magistracy, while having a diploma of bachelor of Ukrainian maritime university. By entering the magistracy for correspondence courses, after 2 months you can work;just work on a thesis project,t and in one and a half years get a master’s degree of the European sample.

The Shchecin Marine Academy has its own personnel department, which plays a key role in the life of students.

The Shchecin Maritime Academy promotes the allocation of all its students to paid practice.

Already after the first year, a full-time student has the opportunity to go on a summer practice trip.

In the first and second courses practice is short-term and unpaid, but in the third and fourth year students go to a full-fledged paid practice as a cadet. In this case, the salary is usually 500-800 euros / month.. During 3 summer months it’s real to earn 1500-2500 euros. And for 6 months – up to 5,000 euros. Thereby recoup the cost of training, accommodation and meals.

As a rule, if a student shows himself well, then the shipowner enters into an agreement with the cadet on further employment.

After graduation, having European-style diplomas in their hands along with Lloyd’s certificates, graduates of the Academy easily find employment with any shipowner, while having high salaries and fast career growth.

In order to enter the Shchecin Maritime Academy, you do not need to pass any entrance exams. There is also no age limit.

Delivery documents by applicants (In case of cooperation with us) occurs in Ukraine, without leaving the country.

Beginning of Academic year : in summer and in winter.

October 1 and March 1

Required documents:

— Application for admission to the university;

— Personal profile;

— Certificate of maturity;

— Six photographs measuring 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm and one in electronic form. Photos must be identical, relevant, expressive, representing a person without a headdress, without dark glasses, with a left half-profile.

— A statement written by the candidate himself that he is not prohibited from leaving the country (concerns candidates for “swimming” destinations).

— Copies (1st and 2nd side) of the identity card (and, in the absence, a copy of the pages of the passport with personal data);

— A statement from the doctor about the absence of contraindications for training in the chosen specialty;

— Proof of payment;

— Maritime health certificate.

With self-admission – the medical board, as a rule, is held at the Shchecin Maritime Academy during the submission of documents after paying an entrance fee of 85 zł. In the case of cooperation with us, travel to Poland is not mandatory, the certificate can be obtained in Ukraine.

Cost of education:

СThe cost of education for Ukrainians who do not have Polish roots: all “sea” specialties – 9000 zł / year (2100 euro / year), not “sea” specialties – 8000 zł / year (1900 euro / year.) Read more about the cost of education and faculties:

The cost of living: food 100 dollars / month., The hostel is 100 dollars / month.

Student of the Szczecin Marine Academy

about practice, career and future prospects.


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