To become a student of the Shchecin Maritime Academy enough to:

  • have a complete general secondary education (for admission to the l level)
  • bachelor’s degree / specialist / engineer (for admission to ll level)

There is no age limit. Deliveing by applicants of documents occurs in Ukraine, without leaving for Poland..

There are no entrance examinations, ZNO results are not used. Only educational documents are evaluated – School certificate (11th grade), diploma. Also, before the start of the 1st semester, applicants take a 1-month adaptation intensive Polish language course, after it they take an exam.

IMPORTANT! The company can provide with a good teacher of Polish who is able to work in the shortest time (as practice shows – up to 3 months) in order to give students the opportunity to feel comfortable already in the first stages upon arrival in Poland. But we advise to learn language at least 6 months before departure to Poland.

In case of the English-language form of education, it is necessary that the assessment in English in the school certificate is not lower than 10 points, and the certificate must indicate that the school has advanced study of the English language. Also, be sure to attach a certificate(courses etc.) of knowledge of English B2 in accordance with the requirements of your chosen university.

Documents required for admission to the Maritime Academy:

  • Certificate and supplement to the certificate of completion of full secondary education.
  • For admission to the master’s program on the basis of bachelor / specialist, a certificate and an application, a diploma and an application are submitted.
  • Medical certificate. . During the period of receiving the documents (from June 8 to July 14), the Maritime Academy has a Medical Commission, which must be passed to each candidate. Our Company has agreed with the Marine Academy of Shchecin a form of the Medical Board and concluded an Agreement with the Medical Company in Odessa, which is authorized to issue such forms. We enable you to pass the Medical Commission without leaving Ukraine (the form can be obtained at the company’s office or sent to you by E-mail, the validity period is at least 3 months before the date of submission).
  • 8 color photographs (3.5 × 4.5 cm., Left half-profile, head turned slightly so that the left ear, not covered with hair, was slightly visible).
  • Photocopies of the passport — the main pages of the Ukrainian and the first page of the international passport.
  • Notarized parental consent to leave a minor child outside Ukraine. The Polish Consulate has special requirements for the text of this application. Not all notaries are aware of this. Our Company will provide you with a notary who has the appropriate text of the application.
  • Minor applicants must submit a copy of the birth certificate and copies of the first pages of their parents’ passports.
  • Certificate of proficiency in English in the case of education in English.
  • All submitted documents must be translated into Polish from an official sworn translator in Poland who works at the Maritime Academy in Shchecin. Translations made on the territory of Ukraine are not accepted by the Maritime Academy. Our company will provide translation of all your documents without leaving Ukraine.

Submission of introductory documents:

The applicant arrives by appointment to the office of the company “TerAssa”, where, together with a representative, individually for each, solves issues related to joining the university, namely:

  • Signs the Agreement on participation in the Program;
  • Submit a package of introductory documents;
  • Makes an advance for participation;
  • After that, the company “TerAssa” begins the process associated with the admission of an applicant to a higher educational institution;
  • According to the results of the admission company process, the entrant receives an official document on admission to the Shchecin Marine Academy
  • Based on the received certificate of enrollment, our Company helps to open a student national Visa.

More about the services we provide:

At the same time, TerAssa is launching the process of settling issues related to the provision of housing to a student for the period of study.

Deadline for submission of documents:

  • Summer recruitment – start of studies on October 1;
  • Winter recruitment – the beginning of school on February 1.

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