College or university?

What to choose, Polish College or Polish University


Earlier in Poland, as in Ukraine, graduates of schools and lyceums enrolled in universities, and only a small number of children enrolled in colleges. The college, as a type of education, was not particularly popular due to the large number of non-state higher schools in Poland, where graduates of high schools went. However, the trend and fashion in education is changing.

The prestige of private universities in Poland is gradually decreasing, as graduates remain unemployed due to the large number of managers trained by higher schools. At the same time, the need for educated specialists in the labor market is increasing, and young people began to go to college.

Many Polish universities do not provide useful skills for employing graduates, especially for vuzilicoledg3 humanitarian universities. A diploma of higher education is nothing and completely useless, and professional work skills that students get in a good college are the guarantor of employment with high salaries.

Currently, Polish colleges provide excellent professional education with a bachelor’s degree, which in real life allows you to confidently gain a foothold at work. For many years of training managers with higher education in Polish universities, the labor market has been saturated, and the demand for them has fallen.

Poland is constantly increasing the pace of economic development, there are many public and private enterprises for the operation of which not only highly skilled managers are needed, but also trained mid-level specialists. The demand for such specialists has led to improved working conditions and higher wages in this sector. At the moment in Poland a good specialist, a college graduate is valued much higher than the average graduate of the university.

The difference between college and university


Many people are mistaken and believe that a Polish college is a vocational school. But this is far from being the case, and such an idea of college is fundamentally wrong. A modern college for the organization of the educational process is more like an institute with an in-depth organization of vocational practical training according to the chosen specialty.

Education at the college is conducted in the same theoretical field as in the university. The university spends a lot of time listening to a theoretical course, the students of which either skip or not listen to lectures.

The college devotes most of its time to professionally and practically teaching students of the chosen specialty. Students acquire the knowledge, skills and specific skills of the profession and are ready to immediately perform work in the workplace with the employer.

And, university graduates rarely gain practical skills vuzilicoledg4they have only theoretical knowledge that is difficult to apply in a small private enterprise. The employer does not need such specialists; they need a professional who is able to fulfill his duties from day one.

If a young person has already chosen a good place to work, where it is not required to have knowledge and skills, but to have only a diploma, then such a university is more suitable for a university. In Poland, children have such work in the private business of their parents, they only need a diploma, since the work in their business is not complicated and it is not necessary to be an expert, only education is needed. And those young people who plan to build a career and secure their future, relying on their knowledge and skills, they need to get a good profession in a good Polish college where they can get everything they need for a successful career.

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