Meeting with students of the Marine Academy – 2016

We organized for our clients a meeting with our students who are already studying at the Shchecin Maritime Academy, with the aim of telling them about their studies and life in Shchecin and also to answer all their questions.

Students of the Shchecin Marine Academy – Alexander Lukyanov, Vlad Zierov and Ivan Konstantinov share their experiences:

Studying and passing exams at the Academy; subjects passed in the educational institution before

The learning process, is it hard to study at the Academy? How are the exams?

Receiving additional advice on subjects taught in the Academy.

Studying at the Academy, is it difficult to study at the Shchecin Marine Academy?

The studying process in the Maritime Academy, is it difficult to study?

The subtleties of studying and passing the session at the Shchecin Marine Academy.

What do you need to take with you, which can be useful for comfortable learning at the Academy

The process of learning in the Academy, classes and passes.

Monthly intensive Polish language before the start of school, test in English before the distribution into groups.

Practice at the Academy: on work, practice and prospects; How is the practice, certificates, do I need a seaman’s passport?

Practice at the Marine Academy of Shchecin.

Combine work with study? Employment after training, recruitment from employers; visit card, residence permit.

The attitude of the Poles to the Russian language and its understanding.

Hostels at the Academy, amenities at the hostel, rooms there.

Dormitories at the Academy: what rooms in the dormitories, how is life.

Dormitories at the Academy: what rooms in the dormitories, how is life.

Household and life in Shchecin.

Attitudes toward alcohol; How do Poles usually spend their free time?

Shops and markets in Shchecin.

About clothes and weather in Poland and Shchecin.

Academic cirriculum at the Academy; schedule and holidays

Student form, is a form required to study? Requirements for appearance. Dedication; visas for parents.

Sports and sports sections, as well as physical. regulations in the Shchecin Marine Academy.

The process of inviting parents to Poland; visit card and visa extension.

The location of the Shchecin Marine Academy in the city.

Journey to Schengen, travel to Poland.

The specifics of working with the Internet and torrents in Shchecin and Poland.

Mobile connection in Poland, which is more profitable to use?

Scholarships in the Marine Academy of Shchecin.

Is there theft in Poland and in Shchecin?