Why do they choose the Maritime Academy in Shchecin?

Maritime Academy in the Polish city of Shchecin:

1. High rating among technical Academies

In the rating of the weekly magazine “Wprost”, the Maritime Academy in Shchecin was ranked second in the classification of technical universities among the Polish state universities participating in the rating.

2. Fast career growth of graduates of the Academy

All graduates of the Academy have the title of engineer, which gives a good chance of employment, since technical specialists are in great demand on the Polish labor market. In spite of whatever profession a graduate of the Academy receives, he will always have a job.

3. The Shchecin Maritime Academy offers  correspondence higher education in accordance with modern curricula and programs with a practical modern orientation – study and work together.

4. The Polish diploma is valued both in Europe and in the developed countries of the world. Academy graduates are invited to work, both private companies and state-owned enterprises. often, the owners of marine vessels, while studying with a student, sign an employment contract on their ships, and pay a scholarship to the student.

The Shchecin Maritime Academy enables Ukrainians to get a higher education at minimal cost.

The Constitution of Poland guarantees the laws to get free education, including higher education, to all its citizens. Therefore, full-time studies at state universities are free for both Polish citizens and foreigners who are entitled to it.

It is possible to get a higher European education in Poland for free at the Shchecin Marine Academy, provided that there is a Pole Card and a proficient proficiency in technical and lecture Polish.

Although tuition at universities in Poland for foreigners without a Pole Card is paid, tuition fees for Ukrainians are significantly lower than for similar programs at other universities in Europe and Ukraine.

While getting education at the Maritime Academy in Szczecin, students who previously had high academic achievements may receive scholarships.

Foreign applicants who have high scores of certificates, as well as those who have taken high places in state or regional competitions, have a high chance of receiving scholarships. To do this, along with the documents, the applicant must send an application for scholarship, indicating their achievements.

Foreign students can study at a Polish university on the conditions of a fellowship from the Polish government. Subject to the signing of international treaties on cooperation with Poland and Poles who live abroad. In this case, the decision on the admission of a foreigner to a budget place is taken by the Ministry of Higher Education of Poland. Under such conditions, Ukrainians study in Poland for free at the Szczecin Maritime Academy.

The average tuition fee at Polish state universities is two thousand euros per year.

However, the rector of an educational institution has the right to reduce tuition fees or to release a foreign student altogether from tuition fees, which is done in the Szczecin Marine Academy for some Ukrainians. Many students pay a partial amount of tuition, naturally for those specialties where there is a shortage of Polish students. Education in English only on a fee basis for all, and for the Poles, and for Ukrainians.

According to the Bologna education system in Poland there is a two-tier system of higher education:

  • Bachelor’s program – after four years of study at the first level of a bachelor’s degree program, you will receive a bachelor’s degree and an engineering degree, after which you can continue your education at the second level.
  • Master’s program – the second level assumes 2.5 years of study in Polish.
Duration of study in Poland:
  • Bachelor’s degree program – 4 years (8 semesters).
  • Master’s degree in Polish – 2.5 years (5 semesters).

Today most universities offer areas of study, after which it is not always possible to find a job and make a career. The Maritime Academy in Shchecin, after graduation, offers a real job. Besides – well paid. And in the course of training, first of all, a lot of interesting and informative is given in combination with practice. Classes are held in many laboratories and simulators, which has the Shchecin Marine Academy. They can be observed, for example, on the days of open doors. For some candidates, the Academy offers internships in domestic and foreign companies funded by the EU Foundation. The most important facts about the Academy:

  • Free Polish-language tuition for EU citizens and people with a Pole Card,
  • the possibility of obtaining scholarships of 4 types,
  • dormitories in the city center – € 90 per month,
  • intensive language learning,
  • the international community – about 300 students from abroad,
  • обучение в современных лабораториях и тренажерах,
  • 16 спортивных секций, хор, плавание, спортивная стрельба,
  • безопасная и хорошо оплачиваемая работа после окончания учебы.

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