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Documents required for admission to Shchecin College

The list of required documents can be found on the website of the College. Szczecin Marine College is an educational institution that provides only vocational education; the College does not provide general education. Therefore, upon admission to the College, you must submit only a high school diploma.

Age limit for admission to college Maritime College

Maritime College prepares future officers of navigators and officers of mechanics, and does not determine the upper age limit. The main criteria that must be filled in the application for admission to the specialty of navigation or mechanics are: – certificate of secondary education, – good health (confirmed by sea evidence of health). In addition, a candidate for school must not have a criminal record.

 Duration of study

Studying at the Marine College lasts two and a half years. Admission to the school is preceded by a candidate period. At this time, incoming students are sent to the candidate’s practice, during which they become familiar with the specifics of working on the ship. This is a very important element of hiring, since the future student begins his studies, having a complete understanding of the future profession, the choice of which he made, at the same time acquires the necessary basic knowledge in the field of work on the ship.

Tuition at the Szczecin Maritime College?

Given the College’s fairly broad educational offer, tuition rates are determined each time for a new set. This is due to the introduction of new, attractive scholarship offers. Each year, the Maritime College also tries to enter into contracts with new shipowners, who, working with the school, also offer attractive forms of student training funding.

At present, the tuition fee is approximately 150 USD per month for the navigator and 225 cu for the mechanic. At the same time, there is a deferment of payments – you can pay 50 USD. per month, and the remaining amount after graduation, during work. For the specialty mechanic Maritime College has prepared an attractive scholarship offer.

After graduating from the Marine College, will I be an officer?

Of course. Graduates of the Maritime College, as well as graduates of maritime universities, can apply for an officer’s diploma confirming their qualifications. This is what distinguishes Szczecin College, compared to other maritime colleges; it establishes the need to pass the state exam for the appropriate diploma.

In case that a student does not pass the exam, the graduation project completed by him is considered on a par with the exam that graduates must take. Graduates of higher maritime educational institutions and graduates of the Szczecin College must, after graduation, complete additional specialized courses required when applying for a diploma of a naval officer.

How long will I have to work before I become an officer?

In accordance with the current national laws, the period of marine practice required to apply for an officer’s diploma is 12 months for navigators and 6 months for mechanics. The college curriculum is so adapted that the required period of practice is implemented until the end of the training cycle.

Do girls enroll in Maritime College?

It doesn’t prevent women from studying at the Maritime College. From the very beginning of the College’s operation, the practice convinced all doubters that a woman can be a good officer. Currently, women study at the Marine College. At the same time, it is possible to count a sufficient number of graduates who successfully work on ships.

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