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TerAssa company services on registration for higher education programs abroad:

1. General consultation.  

At this stage, we will consult you about:

  • existing higher education opportunities;
  • study abroad systems;
  • pricing policy;
  • employment opportunities – both during the period of study and after it;
  • necessary entry requirements;
  • We will provide university rankings (both general and by specialties)

 2. Analysis of requirements.

Together we will analyze the perspective tasks that you need to solve with the help of education abroad. Your requirements and expectations from education, your character, abilities, hobbies, hobbies. For a qualified selection of an educational institution, you will have to announce information about long-term plans: whether it is employment and residence abroad, high-paying work in Ukraine upon return, immigration, etc. Together we will define your personal educational strategy, which will help in effectively achieving the set long-term goals and objectives.

3. Preparation of documents for admission.

At this stage, the implementation of the tasks begins, namely: the preparation of the necessary documentation for admission to foreign universities.The main stages of this process:

  • Контроль и помощь Вам в правильном заполнении анкет;
  • Control and help you in filling out the forms correctly; Assistance in the preparation of the correct motivation letter to the university (this letter is one of the most important factors influencing the decision to enroll);
  • Assistance in the design of letters of recommendation;

4. Communication with universities. 

We will utake all communications with universities: electronic correspondence, telephone calls.

We will monitor your admission and report the results to you.

5. Selection of accommodation. 

We will help you choose the most suitable place for you to live: on campus, in an independent hostel, in a family, apartment, etc. Often, our Clients who send their children to long-term studies think about buying or renting real estate — next to the university where the child will study. We can assist you in the design and acquisition of the property.

6. Paperwork for the trip.

This is followed by the final stage of registration of a trip to study abroad. We will assist you in the following procedures:

  • Tuition payment;
  • Visa procedures; Insurance design;
  • Insurance design;
  • Registration of flight, transfer.

Lysak Oleg, a student at the Shchecin Maritime Academy of Poland, shared his story in a video, how preparations were made for admission, and why Oleg decided to ask for help from “TerAssa”.

We have tried hard to facilitate the process of organizing your trip to study abroad as much as possible:

With us you can leave documents for notarization, certify copies of documents or arrange consultation on the legal aspects of real estate transactions. This will significantly save your time and allow you to deal with all the formalities at once and in one place!

Full range of notarial services

We provide a full range of services for the certification of copies of documents and translations, as well as provide the necessary law consultation:

  • registration of parental consent to leave the child;
  • certification of photocopies and copies of documents;
  • certification of fidelity of translation of documents;
  • consultation : legal aspects of real estate transactions;
  • certificate of contracts of gift, sale, pledge, barter;
  • certification of fidelity of translated documents
  • full list of other notarial services.

You do not have to worry about the legal aspects of traveling abroad or real estate transactions. We will take care of the speedy witnessing of your documents.

Cost of services

The cost of services is 500 euros. Payment is made in several stages:

  • 300 euro within 3 banking days from the moment of signing the contract with the applicant; (1% per day for delay)
  • 200 euros within 3 banking days from the receiving of the scan. confirmation from the university of acceptance of documents of the applicant. (1% per day for the delay).

The price includes the following services:

  1. All types of consulting and information services (choice of faculty, university, providing information about the education system, requirements for applicants, the best educational offers, housing costs, etc.)
  2. Registration at the university
  3. Guaranteed admission to the selected university partner of our educational project, provided with good knowledge of the Polish language and high scores in the certificate.
  4. Registration and submission of documents to the selected educational institution
  5. Hostel reservation (if available at the university)
  6. Preparation of travel documents and visa support (passport, insurance, visa)
  7. Information support on any issues that may arise (opening a bank account, choosing a mobile operator, etc.) during the FIRST YEAR of studying and assistance in difficult situations (the process of learning, adaptation)
  8. Change of university 100 euros

IMPORTANT! Education (including registration fee), room and board in Poland, medical insurance, consular fee (for persons over 18 years old) and the cost of paperwork for obtaining a visa are paid by students. ADDITIONAL!

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