Courses in preparation for studying in Poland

The program of preparation for entering the university of Poland

Special offer from the company “TerAssa” – a program for the preparation for entering,,
and adaptation to studying at the Sschecin Marine Academy.

The program of preparation for entering the university -for most of our countymen it is an opportunity to understand and get closer to the atmosphere that will meet them in all prestigious universities in Poland, and also this is an important component when entering the Shchecin Marine Academy.

This program is dedicated to the preparation and adaptation of Ukrainian young people to study in Polish universities.

The feature of the preparatory program is that it is adapted to the Polish program, which means not only a repetition of the school curriculum, but STEP FORWARD – the university program is involved . Our applicants will step over the school stage and come out a little bit ahead .

What is it done for? To make it easier for our future students to adapt to the tasks and the difficulties that wait for them when they will be studying subjects in the first courses of the university.

Within the framework of such training, you can “pull up”not only Polish and English , but also prepare for such subjects as: mathematics, physics, Polish, English , etc., This knowledge is IMPORTANT for studying in the Shchecin Maritime Academy (undergraduate knowledge is particularly acute for undergraduate students, which often leads to the fact that such students are deducted for academic failure in the first year of study).

The studying program is quite dense, rich and includes many practical tasks, from simple to super complex. Uses the latest approaches in teaching. Our teachers made translations and compared the school curriculum of Ukraine and the school curriculum of Poland, after which they identified differences and differences, and based on the analysis they developed this preparatory course.

Studying at our preparatory courses is structured by following points and includes such steps as: reading the theoretical part, practicing the practical part, individual consultations and practical classes in small groups. Moreover, our teachers keep in touch and help their students when they have already entered and are studying at the 1st year of university. If a student has any problems with the subject, if something is not clear – our teachers, as far as possible, try to help, advise their students and contribute to the assimilation of new material.

This course gives our candidates a lot of useful things, first of all this is an idea of what to expect from studying in Polish universities. And, as a result, in the future, studying in Poland will take place more easily, comfortably and with minimal stress!

The program of preparation for entering the university The is available in two formats for today:

  1. The preparatory courses last approximately 30 weeks and if student finishes them
    successfully it can increase the level not being deducted from Academy during the 1st year of studying..(So, as 80% of Ukrainians are deducted after the 1st semester, to reduce the risk of being excluded, we organized this special preparatory training course. Its main task is to adapt and prepare for training in Poland).
  2. Summer intensive – monthly program (usually hold in summer, on holidays, before students leave for Poland). The program is designed to consolidate the already existing knowledge of applicants, and to improve the level of knowledge on subjects important for further education in the Shchecin Academy in a short time.


adaptation and preparation course for studying at the Shchecin Marine Academy

includes intensive learning in the following subjects:


English vuzy-krakow

Psychology vuzy-lublin

Physics vuzy-Poznan



Preparatory courses consist of 5-8 modules, most of which (Polish, English, mathematics, physics) are required for all applicants. The rest of the modules are selected by the applicant in accordance with their future demands for studying in the Academy.

Evaluation of knowledge is usually carried out by teachers directly during the course, by writing tests, tests, exams, etc. If during the preparatory course the student shows good results and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills is a good way to enroll and further education in Shchecin Marine Academy.

Advantages of preparatory courses for admission to Polish universities:

  • modular structure of the program
  • language prepatoring
  • regular knowledge testing
  • support and assistance of teachers
  • friendly environment

Preparatory programs start 2 times a year – in September (the end of the course in June) and in January (the end of the course in August).


The summer intensive courses are specially designed for those cases when it is required to quickly master all the knowledge and subjects that you need to make up for the lack of further education in the Shchecin Marine Academy. If for any reason you could not get to our annual preparatory courses, the summer intensive course will be perfect for you. Summer intensive is most of all designed for the one who has already entered and / or plans to enroll and study at the Shchecin Marine Academy this year. Intensive studying helps not only to cover the “gaps in knowledge”, but also reinforces the material already mastered earlier (in other words, if the applicant has previously studied certain topics of subjects, then it is not difficult to recall once again everything previously studied, to recapture and fix it on practice, since all this knowledge will be useful on the 1st course of study at the Shchecin Marine Academy).

What does summer intensive studying mean? First of all, such studying form implies that the program will not be anything extra. Only what is really needed and will help raise the level of knowledge. The summer intensive course allows you to improve the level of knowledge of an applicant as quickly as possible, efficiently and in the shortest possible time, and also to “pull up” knowledge on subjects important for further education at the Shchecin Academy.

Summer intensive from the company “TerAssa” is the best solution for intensive preparation for studying in the Shchecin Marine Academy. Increase your knowledge now to maximally prepare for life in Shchecin and for studying in the Shchecin Marine Academy! After all, there is not just a study!

Intensive will be holding in Odessa in the period from 01.07.2019 to 01.08.2019. Intensive cost – 300 €.

It does not depends on age, nationality and religion, everyone can study abroad, you only need to meet the entrance requirements, and the minimum knowledge base necessary for further comfortable study of a Polish university. And to meet these conditions helps specifically designed for this preparatory course.

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