Free education at the Szczecin Marine Academy

WE OFFER YOUR ATTENTION the possibility of entering the Maritime Academy in Shchecin for  FREE TRAINING for UKRAINIANS and foreign citizens:


Getting a Pole Card

Admission to the state universities of Poland for free education for applicants and students with Polish origin, who were able to confirm this by documenting the Polish Card



This is a free admission to universities in Poland with funding from the European Foundation, which allocates funds for training in specialties that are in great demand in Western Europe.


For admission to free education in universities in Poland pass the test of knowledge of the Polish language

To participate in the competition for free education, please contact
+38 093 369 06 08; +38 095 205 43 77

Advantages of studying in Poland:

  1. Poland occupies one of the highest places at the fastest pace of development in the field of education.
  2. Every year there are more and more students in Poland.
  3. Thanks to the Bologna process, education has become much easier to obtain than before.

ATTENTION!!! Free education in Poland with a Polish Card in POLISH only! in English – paid.

Any questions?

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