Maritime College Shchecin

A very profitable offer for those who already have a higher education got in Ukraine, as well as no less advantageous for those who graduated from college or technical school and cannot find work in their specialty.

Particularly advantageous offer for graduates of the school who are not very friendly with science, consider higher education problematic due to low school performance.

Shchecin Maritime College – this educational institution is simply unique, because in the shortest time in two years it gives the opportunity to get a diploma of a marine officer, which makes it possible to work on the ships of any country in the world.

Applicants choose Maritime College, because after graduation it is easier to get a high-paying job.


Szczecin Maritime College is preparing to work in the department of deck and machine specialist on ships, is preparing to pass the state, qualifying exam for the navigator officer and the officer of mechanics, which opens the way for further promotion.

The Maritime College at the Shchecin Maritime Academy accepts for study anyone who has a high school diploma. In the process of studying, students study only special subjects.

Studying at the Marine College lasts two and a half years. General Education College does not increase. College gives only professional education.

The curriculum, in which the focus is on obtaining practical skills labo2 so that at the end of the college work confidently on the chosen specialty on the ship. During practice, students receive a salary at the Cadet rate, in the region of 500-1000 euros.

The Maritime College at the Maritime Academy in Shchecin is an educational professional institution that teaches students according to the present STCW convention.

In 2006, a quality management system was introduced at the Maritime College ISO 9001: 2000, and in 2009, the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system was implemented, which corresponds to the global educational standards for such educational institutions, which was confirmed by a certificate issued by lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited.

Shchecin Maritime College has the necessary training base labo for the organization of the modern educational process in accordance with the Bologna process. Lecture halls, conference halls, training halls, testing laboratories and simulators located in the buildings of the Maritime Academy in Szczecin are made available to college students. The college employs teachers of the Academy, which guarantees high quality education.

Studying at the Maritime College is paid for both Polish citizens and foreigners. But the organization of the educational process is designed so that the cadet has the opportunity to earn money during practice. Moreover, the money earned is enough to pay for studies and normal living in Poland.

The amount of payment is approximately 150 euros per month. 1But there is a delay in payments. You can pay 50.e. per month, and the rest of the money, after graduation, while working or after practical training. Earnings during the practice of 500-1000 euros per month. This is enough to cut off education, all household expenses, and there is still a living!

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Here are some interesting details of Academy: after studying for a year, you can interrupt your studies and stay on the ship where you did your internship, and after earning a decent amount of money, you can continue your education again.